In 1951, a big buzz spread in all the biggest Italian cities which developed day after day; the suburbs hadn't existed yet and daily, roads and avenues as well, were crossed by cars and commercial vehicles that carried every kind of goods. Rocco Binetti set up an industrial vehicle spare parts in the centre of Bari and called it "Emporio dell'auto".

The family-style business, singled out soon, since its growth was as well as the economy, they needed more space and in 1960 Rocco moved the business in a bigger place to tackle the increasing demand. In 1964, after the Rocco's death, his wife Maria Teresa Sforza and her son Francesco Binetti, took over the business.
During the next 40 years, the company led by them with dedication and capability, grew and grew increasing its performances and becoming a real point of reference in its field. In April 1979, Binetti S.r.l. was founded, in 1994 Francesco Binetti 's daughter, Maria Teresa Binetti took part in the company and in 1998 Binetti S.r.l changed its legal form in limited company.

In 2011, Maria Teresa became the sole director of the business, carrying on its growth path and development with competence and foresightedness . Binetti's has been on the market for over than 65 years and today is a leading company on the national scene for industrial vehicles spare parts trading.
Maria Teresa Binetti

The brand reference in Southern Italy
for industrial vehicle spare parts trading.

L'Emporio dell'Auto
The "Emporio dell'auto" in 1951, was the first Binetti's retailer store for industrial vehicle spare parts.
Maria Teresa Binetti
In 2011 Maria Teresa Binetti, became the sole director of the business, carrying on its growth path.
On the market for over 65 Binetti's is today the leading company for the industrial vehicle spare parts trading.


Quality System

The best products and the best service in pre – sale and after sale.



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